Funny and Strange U.S. Driving Laws

As a truck driver, you’re probably pretty familiar with U.S. driving laws. We want to bet, however, that you didn’t know you could get a ticket for these offenses.

Crazy Laws in U.S. Towns and States

Eyes on the Road

Air fresheners, fuzzy dice, or anything hanging from your rear view mirror that could obstruct the view of the driver could get you fined in New Jersey.

Wash Your Mouth

Don’t get too carried away by rude drivers in Rockville, Maryland. Cursing, swearing, or using obscene language that another driver can hear is a finable offense in this town.

Don’t Run Out

Think you can wait to fill up on gas until the next gas station? Watch out when you’re in Youngstown, Ohio! It’s illegal to run out of gas there, so make sure to fill up.

Getting Down in the Mud

Make sure to clean your wheels if you’re planning a trip to Minnetonka, Minnesota. It’s illegal to drive a vehicle with middy, dirty, or sticky wheels on a street or highway.

Sleepy Head

Don’t use the road as a bed in Eureka, California. So find another and more comfortable place to get those 8 hours of sleep!

The Blind Leading the Blind

Although it seems highly unlikely that anyone would actually do this, it’s illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while operating a vehicle in Alabama.