How to Make the Most Money as a Trucker

Anyone can make a good amount of money being a truck driver if they know how to do it right! Use these tips and tricks to make sure your bank accounts are full after a long work week.


TIP 1: Reduce Operating Costs

Overspending is a crime in the trucking world!! Yet so many drivers fall victim to it. Make a budget, cut coupons, and take advantage of every bit of savings you can. That money is yours, and you want to keep it in your bank account!


TIP 2: Buy as Little as You Can

It is really easy to decide you are hungry and drop $15 on a fast meal. Instead, try to prepare your own meals. Need a pain reliever? It’s much cheaper to buy them in bulk and bring some on the road with you than buy them at a 24/7 convenience store.


TIP 3: Don’t Deadhead

A deadhead is when you drive with a load one way, then drive back without. This is a waste of your time and money. Plan ahead to ensure you never lose money on a load, and if you do, it better be worth it! There are plenty of load boards online that you can find loads from. There is no excuse for coming back without something in tow!


By sticking to these tips, you will be on track to make the most money as you can as a truck driver. Good luck!