Quick Cash For Freight Companies


Versocellars.com is a freight factoring service provider. Our main customers and clients are mostly freight companies and professional carriers. But we are willing to work with a wide variety of peoples and businesses, especially small to medium sized freight companies that are owned and operated by the same person. Our services include accounts receivable, freight funding, bills collections and other relevant freight factoring services. Our business aims to help freight and trucking companies be able to run more efficiently without having to focus too much on getting paid. We can help freight companies receive their payments because we advanced the funding of freight bills.

Here at Versocellars, we offer financing tools for many kinds of freight companies. We can assist you with the efficient flow of cash for your freight company. This is because if you handle receiving the payments from your clients, by yourself, you will have to wait a long time, sometimes a month before you can receive the full payment of your bill. Through Versocellars, you can receive an advanced cash payment of a job you have completed because we will cash advance you a percentage of the money that is owed to you. This could make the cash flow to your freight company smoother.