How to Stay Alert When Truck Driving at Night

It’s natural to get tired after doing anything for too long, and although truck driving may not always be physically exhausting, it is certainly not safe from the dangers of drowsiness. Driving while tired has been proven to be just as risky as driving after consuming alcohol. In order to keep you and the other drivers on the road safe, here are a few tips to try out next time you start to feel a little drowsy.


Avoid Cruise Control

This handy little function takes half of the mental work out of driving, and your attention starts to take a break. Keep your mind alert by utilizing your feet!

Use the Air Conditioning

Being warm has shown to make people sleepier, so crank that AC to help yourself wake up.

Take a Break 

Although this might set you back on your schedule a little bit, it would be better to take a 30-minute break for a nap as opposed to being days late because you accidentally fell asleep at the wheel.


Next time you feel a little tired, try out these easy tips to stay alert while hauling at night.